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The Global Coaching Partnership works to advance leadership and personal excellence worldwide.  

We work with leaders and leadership teams as they seek to continue their development, in the belief that the more effective behaviours they exhibit will have a positive and sustainable impact on their organisations, communities, and countries.

Founding Members

Each member operates a well-established and independent coaching business.  Collaboration enhances our capacity to deliver unique insights, best practice and consistency to our global business clients.


Our global network ensures you can be connected with the right expertise throughout the world within 48 hours.

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We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

If you know the solutions you need, you can use the map above to locate your nearest coaching office. They’ll put you in touch with the right experts from their local and global teams.

Alternatively, if you’d like us to do a requirements scope before advising on a coaching solution for you, please follow the steps below.


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